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Área de Reabilitação Urbana

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26th of march 2020

The Town Hall of Pedrógão Grande informs that it is confirmed one case of Covid-19 in the territory. It’s a young woman of Swiss Nationality. Police, health and civil protection authorities are already in the field taking the required measures, and the procedures to identify the potential transmission chain are underway in order to assess possible contagions and the eventual propagation of the decease.

The Town Hall President, Valdemar Alves, in this quality and as president of the Municipal Civil Protection Commission, has already solicitated to the Public Health Authority specific prophylactic isolation measures to whole of Pedrogao Grande territory.

Among the various measures that are being implemented, there is the public space disinfection in the whole territory. The Town Hall as supplied all the three parishes with the necessary means and materials to initiate the disinfection process in collaboration with the Town Hall. Adding to this, the Town Hall as supplied the Health Centre with individual protection equipment.

The Town Hall is also preparing three spaces, according to its Municipal Operational Civil Protection Plan for the Covid-19, activated since 18th of march: triage, isolation and quarantine space; space to receive reinforcement groups/teams; possible housing for allocation of emerging isolation situations.

Together with the Intermunicipal Region of Leiria, it is being prepared a triage post at Pombal, in the Exposition Centre, and another one at the Leiria’s Football Stadium, as well as the acquisition of individual protection equipment and Covid-19 tests.

All works are being made with constant communication, articulation and effort with local health authorities, public health authorities, police authorities, Firefighters, and other health and civil protection agents, including the Leiria District Civil Protection Authority.

We reinforce the urgency and imperative need that all comply and follow the social and prophylactic isolation, quarantine time, rules of hygiene and personal disinfection, as well as of objects and spaces. It’s paramount that no one disrespects these fundamental rules for the life sake of us all.

We need to learn with what has happened in the Asian and European countries and understand that complying and following the rules allows us all to save lives and that we all have a role in this. It’s up to each one of us, more than ever, to play the role of saving lives.